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HolistEd was born out of a desire to support the transition of Quebec’s education system towards greater inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities and marginalized identities. 

We are committed to empowering all learners through the planning and design of inclusive and empowering learning experiences where courage and shared power are cultivated. We are interested in human experiences, in how people interact with each other and with their environment, ensuring that every action we take is focused on improving their lives. We firmly believe in creating opportunities that benefit not only us and our customers, but also those who have been under-represented for too long. Our commitment to accessibility means breaking down barriers, ensuring that everyone can access the resources they need.

arbre des valeurs

To do this, we: 

1) create inclusive spaces for organizations and support them in change processes, 

2) create learning experiences accessible to all, and in particular to under-represented people, 

3) collaborate to create decolonial spaces for shared power, and 

4) inspire responsible action that benefits organizations and society as a whole. 

Our interventions are based on the following UNESCO sustainable development goals: 4. Quality education; 5. Gender equality; 10. Reduced inequalities; and 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions. 

Our values guide everything we do, from actively promoting anti-racism to encouraging inclusion and empowerment. We believe in bringing together the right people for the right job, valuing their relationships within our community and the respect they have earned in their field. 


portrait de Emmanuel Martin Jean

Emmanuel Martin Jean

President and Chief of Educational Experiences

I support people and place myself at the service of learning communities with humanistic and unifying leadership. My experience, both academic and professional, in educational systems as a neurodivergent person coming from the sexual and gender diversity has enabled me to see the many facets of this complex ecosystem. I was able to observe at first hand the barriers and issues that stand in the way of learning.

With nearly fifteen years’ experience in higher education, I work with a wide range of learners, educators, managers and executives. I have developed expertise in inclusive pedagogy, accessibility and inclusive management. My adaptive approach is based on rigorous reflection, respect for individuals, criticism of power structures and shared responsibility. This singular perspective often enables me to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

With a mission to create value for learners, I want to share my experience and help educational institutions improve their support systems, based on universal accessibility.

portrait de Amina Bambotia

Amina Bambotia

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Consultant and Learning Facilitator

I bring an intersectional lens to the work of diversity, equity and inclusion. I am a learning experience designer that specializes in decentralizing power, knowledge sharing and learning, and organizational process.

My approach to the work of inclusion draws from my own experience as an immigrant to Quebec. I aim to craft pathways through design thinking to make space for perspectives lost in mainstream cultures and support organizations to take sincere action towards their vision of inclusivity.

If you want to work with someone BOLD and kind in their approach and if you want to take courageous, and earnest action towards your goals to do better for the better, contact me.


Collaborateur Mathé Manuel Daigneault

Mathé-Manuel Daigneault

Consultant and facilitator specialised in sexual and gender diversity

Collaborateur Geoffroy Martin Jean

Geoffroy Martin-Jean

Technical director and audio production

Collaboratrice Solene Metayer

Solène Métayer

Consultant and lecturer HR specialised in neurodiversity inclusion

Collaboratrice Setaro Brianna

Brianna Setaro

Cultural mediator and facilitator

Collaborateur Yizhou Wang

Yizhou Wang

Film director and editor

Collaborateur Anette Hong Kim

Annette Hong Kim

Student advocate for decolonization, Co-Leader of Mobilizing for Milton-Parc

Étudiante engagée, Co-Leader de Mobilizing for Milton-Parc


« Emmanuel worked on my nature documentary project for uOttawa biology instruction and brought a whole new level of quality and creativity to the production. We worked with limited resources and a tight schedule but Emmanuel and their team were able to step up for my project and then some! The production process was organized and stimulating and the end-product was top quality. A+ »

Dr. Adam Oliver Brown, UOttawa

« I had the opportunity to receive a coaching session from Emmanuel. Thanks to their gentle energy, kindness and great talent, I felt completely at ease right from the start. Their ability to analyze and answer my questions for clarity, combined with their intuition, is remarkable. I put some of their advice into practice within the first week, and was fascinated to see the positive outcome in my life. »

Patricia, Accredited mediator and facilitator

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